Women Love Men Who are Strong Leaders in Bed

One Dominant Move to Try in Bed Tonight

It’s hard to believe, but women LOVE men who are strong leaders in bed!

It’s no accident that 50 Shades of Grey was the fastest-selling book of all time. And the vast majority of buyers were women.

Women love men who are strong leaders in bed

‘50 Shades’ – fastest selling book

I’m going to take a moment to let that sink in …

Women went out in droves to buy a kink-novel featuring a wildly dominant man in the lead role.

What does that tell you?

What it says to me is that there’s a vast reservoir out there of female desire for male sexual leadership.

Why Women Love Men Who are Strong Leaders in Bed

And not only IN bed, but also OUT of bed!

Study after study consistently demonstrates that women are powerfully attracted by powerful men.

It has to do with evolution and her biology. She needs to know at the cell-deep level that her man can protect and provide.

Take a look where I do a deep dive into how you need to be able to protect and how women respond to strong men who do hard things.

Tom Hanks Paradox

Women Love Men Who are Strong Leaders in Bed – also OUT of Bed!

But here’s the catch … you can’t be Tom Hanks by day and Conan at night!

If during the day, you consistently defer to her leadership and give in to her in all things … there’s no way she can accept your leadership in the bedroom at night.

It creates way too much cognitive dissonance and will simply feel ludicrous to her.

Become a Strong Leader by Day

So, first work on your leadership outside the bedroom.

Do it in this order –

  1. Make decisions
  2. Display confidence
  3. Stand your ground with her

Doing these things will build her respect for you and thus her attraction.

Now you can move to the bedroom stuff.

Try This Simple Dominant Move Tonight in Bed

Women Love Men Who are Strong Leaders in Bed

Women Love Men Who are Strong Leaders in Bed

Try this move tonight

Once you’ve established the groundwork and built a baseline attraction level, it’s time to add a dominant move in the bedroom.

This is a great one to try first and test the waters.

While you’re having sex in missionary position, simply interlock your fingers with hers, take her hands and hold them above her head.

This works in a couple of different ways …

  1. It’s impressive to her that you’re strong enough to hold your body weight with just your arms. (If you can’t do this for a lengthy period, get to the gym and work out! Women are wildly attracted to muscular men.)
  2. Interlocked fingers make her feel warm and fuzzy and increase her sense of connection to you.
  3. The feeling of being held in place gives a sense of safety to women.
  4. This position allows for prolonged eye contact and also creates deeper connection.


If she closes her eyes, tell her to open them and look at you. The combination of leadership and connection is powerful.


  1. Make sure not to let your weight rest on her arms because she’ll bruise.
  2. Watch her face carefully and gauge her reaction.
  3. Don’t be too prolonged with it the first time. Break away from it, shift positions, and then go back to it.

Try it and see how it goes. It’s all about playing around and having some fun!

Remember: You’ve got to have at least some baseline attraction for this to work. If she generally shuns sex and offers you nothing but disrespect, do the groundwork of increasing attraction outside the bedroom first.