3 Brutally Honest Reasons Women Lose Attraction


Searching for the 3 brutally honest reasons women lose attraction?

You’re not alone. Google says that 69 million other people are wondering the same thing.

Did you find your way here because you’ve spent the last 10 years of your marriage wondering why she’s lost interest in you and in sex? And no matter what you do, you can’t get it turned around?

Read on.

The reasons that women lose attraction are simple and even straightforward.

The reality may feel brutal at first. But knowing the truth will set you free.

Free to regain your power. Free to build attraction in your marriage.

Free to get the exciting, spontaneous sex that’s been missing from your marriage for so long!

(And for those women who landed here because they’ve lost attraction for their husband and wonder how they can love him so much but still not want sex with him … this is for you, too!)

Attraction Formula

3 Brutally Honest Reasons Women Lose Attraction

Female attraction is all about strength.

Strength of all kinds. Physical, mental, and social.

The stronger you are in each area, the higher her attraction and desire for you.

Female attraction is predictable enough that you can actually put it into a formula:

When your first met your wife and sex was good, it meant that you had sufficient going on in each category to inspire attraction and desire.

Over the years, you’ve lost ground in each of these areas so that you no longer have enough to support attraction.

Physical Strength

Brutal Truth #1

Women are attracted to strong men who do hard things.

3 Brutally Honest Reasons Women Lose Attraction

Women are primally attracted to men with muscles

Muscles matter. 70% of a man’s physical attractiveness is determined by his physical strength.


I know this is a hard truth to hear, but over the years, as you’ve lost physical strength, she’s lost attraction.

It’s as simple … and as harsh … as that.

Women are primally attracted to strong men who can protect and provide. The more muscular you become, the more her attraction grows. 

Social Strength

Brutal Truth #2

Women are attracted to a man who passionately pursues his own interests.

3 Brutally Honest Reasons Women Lose Attraction

Passionately pursuing your own interests builds attraction

Remember when you first met and you had a million friends, hobbies, and activities you pursued. You went after life hard.


She was not the center of your universe. You didn’t orbit her.

You drew her into your own exciting world. She was a fun addition, but not the center of your life.

You wanted her but you didn’t need her.

As that changed over time, so did her attraction and desire.

Strength of Will

Brutal Truth #3

Women are attracted to a man who is willing to stand his ground. A man who has the courage of his convictions.

Confident men who have the courage to lead and make a plan are wildly attractive to women.

3 Brutally Honest Reasons Women Lose Attraction

Stand your ground

A man who will stand up to others when they encroach on his boundaries attracts women like a magnet.


Especially a man who will stand his ground with his own wife. Who doesn’t allow her to call all the shots.

The more you have played it safe in your marriage by avoiding conflict with her, the more she’s lost attraction.

If she’s the boss in the marriage, attraction quickly withers on the vine.

3 Brutally Honest Reasons Women Lose Attraction

So there you have it. The honest truth as to why women lose attraction.

As much as it may seem superficial or even unfair, this is the way women are wired and there’s no changing it.

The good part is that now you understand the reality of female attraction and desire, you can regain your power.

The ability to rebuild attraction in your marriage lies firmly in your hands.

3 Steps You Can Take Today to Rebuild Attraction

How do you leverage these harsh truths to rebuild attraction?

Start here.

1.     Join a gym.

It’s not enough to work out at home; you need to be in a gym with other men.

2.     Go to the ‘Magic Place of Out’

One night a week, you need to be going out with friends. If you don’t have friends (as so many men don’t), start building your social group. Join a team, a group, or take lessons. It doesn’t matter what, just start.

3.     Stand Your Ground

This is typically the most challenging for many men. There’s a reason I hit it last.

Many men hate conflict. Especially with their wife.

You need to have the confidence you gain from working out and hanging out with other people in order to have the courage to stand your ground with your wife.

But this is an area where you make huge gains in attraction.

So work on the other two first, but eventually you’re going to have to hit this one head-on.

Gradual Process

This is a gradual process. You can’t go to the gym for two weeks and expect that suddenly, magically, her clothes will fall off.

But if you will be consistent with the three attraction formula components, you will see a gradual return of her attraction and desire.

Simple formula, but oh so powerful!