Want Better Erections? Stop Doing This One Thing

If you want better erections, stop doing this one thing you’re doing every day that kills erections (and her attraction).

Erections Matter to Female Attraction & Desire

Erections are important not only for your self-esteem, but also for your wife’s sexual desire.

She’s never going to come out and tell you this, but it turns out that women are actually really turned off when their man struggles with erections.

Want Better Erections? Stop Doing This One Thing

Women Attracted to Hard Men

No matter how much she may soothe you and say it doesn’t matter … it does.

Female partners of men with erectile difficulties report less sexual desire, decreased arousal, and fewer orgasms.

More importantly, they also report less satisfaction overall with their sexual relationship after their partner develops problems with erections.

There’s a lot you can do to enhance erections, but there’s also one simple daily habit you can stop doing.

Mouthwash … it doesn’t just kill plaque.

Now, that’s a slogan you don’t see Proctor & Gamble using. But it’s quite likely your mouthwash isn’t doing your erections any favors. Read on.

Nitric Oxide Produces Good Erections

Erections are all about nitric oxide.

Not nitrous oxide, the lovely legal high you can get at the dentist’s.

Nitric oxide. The lovely vasodilator that gives you rock hard erections.

The kind that makes both you and your wife very happy.

Putting it simply, when you have sufficient nitric oxide, your body produces harder, more reliable erections.

So how can you get your body to produce more?

Nitric Oxide is Made in Your Mouth

The process goes like this … 

You consume food containing nitrates.


Bacteria on your tongue converts the nitrates into nitrites.


Dietary nitrite converts to nitric oxide in the gut.


Nitric oxide goes to work in your body making your veins healthier and your erections stronger.

Want Better Erections? Stop Doing This One Thing

Mouthwash…it doesn’t kill just plaque

How It Goes Wrong

Want Better Erections? Stop Doing This One Thing

The problem with using mouthwash, though, is that you are murdering the bacteria in your mouth that turns those nitrates you just ate into nitrites. They’re dead on the ground before they ever get the chance to do their thing. Less bacteria = Less nitric oxide = Less erections  In fact, one study shows that using a chlorhexidine-based mouthwash decreased oral nitrites by 90% and nitrite levels in the blood by 25%. (And incidentally also increased blood pressure. Remember that nitric oxide is a vasodilator which is really good for your heart health, as well as for strong erections.) So, throw away the mouthwash and reclaim that stronger, firmer version of yourself.  And increase her attraction & desire in the process!

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