Testosterone = Erections & Quality of Life, New Study Shows

Yippee for all those lovely researchers and their mad skilz, willing to dig into the data and give us answers

Boston University School of Medicine found that for guys with low testosterone, taking T therapy improved their erections, as well as their overall quality of life. They were also less likely to have urinary and prostate problems.

They followed almost 700 guys for about 10 years, and found that testosterone therapy “is well-tolerated, with progressive and sustained improvement in urinary and sexual function and overall improvement in quality of life,” reports the Journal of Urology.

Good news for guys who are taking testosterone therapy … not because they want to become hulking, maniacal Neanderthals (as some in the media like to suggest) … but simply because their levels are low and they feel like crap without it.

Guys like my husband. Testosterone therapy gave me back my husband, my husband back his life, and likely saved our marriage. Thank heavens for modern medicine.

To all those researchers out there, slogging through all the data … a huge shout-out and thank you.

Take a look at Medscape for the full article Long-term Testosterone Boosts Urinary, Sexual Function.