How Much Sunshine Do You Need for Powerful Erections?

If you listen to mainstream media, you get the idea that we should all avoid any hint of deadly sunshine.

Turns out that while the vampire lifestyle may be great for your complexion, it’s hell on your erections. In fact, Dracula was likely reaching for the Viagra on a regular basis.

As it happens, sun exposure is one of the single most effective habits to producing more powerful erections.

Which, I know, seems weird. I was really surprised when I first heard it. How does that work, exactly?

Sunshine Increases Nitric Oxide, Nitric Oxide Increases Erections

If you’ll recall, erections are all about nitric oxide. When you have plentiful amounts of nitric oxide, your body produces harder, more reliable erections. And there’s a surprisingly simple way to get your body to produce more of this wonderful stuff.

Get more sunshine to produce more nitric oxide.

Your skin contains significant stores of nitrogen oxides, the raw material for nitric oxide. When the UV rays in sunshine hit your skin, they convert the nitrogen oxides into nitric oxide, where it enters your circulation, and works its magic on your gear.

Sun Exposure Also Reduces Blood Pressure

The increased production of nitric oxide caused by sun exposure also has the side benefit of decreasing blood pressure, which in and of itself can enhance erections. Not to mention the favorable impact nitric oxide has on veins and arteries, as well as overall cardiovascular health.

Not Clear Exactly How Much Sun Exposure Is Optimal

Most of the research is taking place in labs with lamps that recreate the UV effects of the sun, so how much sun exposure do you really need? Not sure, but it’s almost certainly more than you’re getting, since most of us go from house to office, and back to house again without ever seeing sunlight.

There’s enough data, though, to make me really glad I’m not married to a guy living in Greenland.

It’s Got to Be Sunshine, Not Simply Vitamin D Supplements

You know from reading here that sunshine increases Vitamin D, and Vitamin D can make erections stronger, but there seems to be a benefit to erections from sunshine itself, even apart from the Vitamin D element.

In fact, some research is suggesting there’s a benefit to sun exposure to the testes themselves, but be careful how you go about that. Seems a painful area to burn, not to mention the need to avoid arrest for public nudity. And then there’s also the whole ‘Good Naked, Bad Naked’ phenomenon to consider.