Attraction in Marriage

A guide to building attraction & connection
in your marriage

12 Weeks to Regain Attraction & Build Connection

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Is It Really Possible to Build
Attraction & Connection in Your Marriage in 12 Weeks

Intimacy is hit-or-miss in your marriage and you feel more like roommates … and sometimes even enemies … than lovers. Sometimes there’s closeness, intimacy, and connection, but most of the time you both feel isolated and alone. 

Sometimes it all comes together … you’re both into each other … fun is had by all … but you have no idea why. Why tonight, but not the other eighty-seven nights you’re together? It feels like the lottery, and it’s impossible to “guess” that winning combination.

You’re both good people, you both want a good marriage, and you’ve turned yourselves inside out trying to rebuild that connection. You feel cheated, angry, and resentful. You wonder why you ever got married in the first place or if you married the wrong person.

So, what’s the deal with that? Why isn’t the person you married more interested in building a great marriage with you?
If they love you, why is it so hard?

The reason is simple:

Because you’re doing all the right things … but you’re focusing on the wrong system.

Here’s the deal…

What Builds Attraction


Fights About Nothing & Dopamine

Steps to build Attraction

Time To Let Go

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