Will Fixing My Low T Really Make a Difference?

“I’m exhausted. No matter how much sleep I get, I wake up more tired than when I went to bed. I set the snooze over and over again, and I keep getting to work late. I’ve got to stop before I lose my job.”

“I just feel gray all the time. I don’t get excited about things the way I used to. I go to work, I come home, I watch tv, I go to bed. Every day is the same. Life is freaking boring and depressing.”

“I can’t concentrate on anything, anymore. It’s like I have ADD. I sit down at my desk and try to get my work done, but before I know it, I’m surfing the web and I’ve lost an hour. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“I don’t know what it is. I love my wife, she’s in good shape, I still think she’s attractive, but I just don’t have the same drive. I initiate once in a while, but it’s more like something I know I should do rather than that “I’ve got to have her” feeling it used to be. When we do have sex, it’s okay, but nowhere near as intense as it used to be. I still enjoy masturbating to porn, but sex with my wife is just …. meh.”

This is what Low T looks like.

And yes, fixing the Low T really does make a difference.

I talk to so many guys whose low T is significantly impacting their life and their career, and yet they have a hard time believing that their problems could be caused by something as simple as a hormone imbalance. They feel like it’s a crutch to blame their behavior on their testosterone levels. And yet T levels impact pretty much every facet of a man’s life. Testosterone is what makes a man …. well, a man.

It is so difficult to watch a guy slog through all this, feeling like a loser and taking all the blame on himself when he has a legitimate, medical issue that is keeping him down. Literally watching him fight back tears as he talks about what a failure he is. It’s heartbreaking, and hence this post. Please guys, if you’re struggling with low T, understand that you’re operating with a severe handicap and your lack of progress says nothing at all about your personality, your self-discipline, your innate ability to lead or your intelligence. It’s all about the nail. And the nail is low testosterone.

So, if you get your low T fixed, is it going to magically change your life and solve all your problems?

Yes and no.

It is going to magically change your life. It is not going to solve all your problems.


Think of it like this …. It’s like you’re running a race with a sprained ankle. You are expending 100 times the effort as all the other runners, but you’re making a tenth of the progress. You’re hobbling along and you feel like a loser as all the other runners pass you by. You wonder how they’re doing it so effortlessly. But here’s the deal … you have a sprained ankle. It’s a medical condition. And it’s fixable. Why keeping trying to run without addressing the ankle?

However, even after getting the ankle fixed, you’re not necessarily going to be the fastest runner. You’re still going to have to train. You’re still going to have to eat healthy. You’re still going to have to work hard. The difference is that you’re now doing it without a handicap. You’re finally on a level playing field.

Basically, that’s what T therapy does. It levels the playing field and gives you a fair shot at success.