Top 10 Signs that Your Wife is Attracted

Reader question from a few days ago:

Hi Rebecca,

… Lots of advice on the website have the prerequisite that the woman should already be attracted. Can you please help and give clues on how would I know if my wife is attracted and how to judge the level of attractiveness  (eg low, medium or high)?”


Great question. Different levels of attraction in a marriage call for different actions.

Obviously, one sign of attraction is how enthusiastic she is about having sex with you. But there are other ways to tell.

So … ala David Letterman …

Top 10 Signs that She’s Attracted

10.  She touches you frequently when you’re out and about.
9.   She asks your opinion about what she should wear.
8.   She texts during the day for no reason.
7.   She talks you up to her girlfriends.
6.   She’s loyal to you, especially in public.
5.   She wears her hair the way you like it.
4.   She still gets naked in front of you.
3.   She lights up when you walk through the door.
2.   She speaks to you with respect.
1.   She deep-kisses you.

If she’s not doing any of these things, but instead …

She’s disrespecting you in public and is openly critical …

She’s cold as ice when you reach for her, and avoids your touch …

She flinches away from deep kisses, and only gives you pecks …

She spends more time on Facebook than she does with you …

She hides her body from you, and wears armor to bed …

Well, then … you’ve got some work to do.

Take heart, though, because attraction is infinitely malleable.

Your actions drive her attraction. When you change your actions, it changes her attraction. You really do have the power to attract her; you’ve simply lacked the knowledge to go about it …

Until now.

If you want to learn how to build attraction in your marriage, you’re at the right place. What you find here is not politically correct; in fact, a lot of times, it’s unpalatable. It may even infuriate you. What it is, though, is effective.

Once you understand the mechanics behind attraction, it really is ridiculously simple to attract a woman.

It takes a bit of time and practice, but the concepts themselves are easily understood.

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