One Simple Tip to Get Your Wife to Try a New Position

“The only way my wife will have sex is missionary. I really want to do doggie with her, but she won’t hear of it.

I’ve tried just putting her in position, but she always squirms away.”


Women hate having sex in doggie position because they’re self-conscious about showing their tummy fat, particularly if they’ve given birth and have stretch marks or loose skin.

To get around this, simply put two or three pillows down under her stomach. Et voila! Tummy fat disappears.

Works like a charm. : )


You can also dim the lights/use candles or put a blindfold on her if she’s agreeable. You want to get her out of her own head so she can forget about what she looks like and get into the moment.

Experiment with the number of pillows to change the angle of penetration and increase stimulation.

Doggie is a great position because it lets you add clitoral stimulation, with either you or her stimulating her clitoris with fingers or a vibe.

Play around and change it up and see what works best.

Who knows? It just may become one of her favorite positions.