Don’t Listen to What She Says

…when she says that it’s really a guy’s personality that attracts her. That she likes a more slender frame on a guy. That she’s not attracted to guys with muscles, that it’s superficial and shallow to spend time at the gym.

Really. Don’t listen to her. 

It’s not that she means to lie. She really believes what she’s saying. But most girls know doodle squat about what attracts them.

And it ain’t the way you load the dishwasher.

It’s not your fathering skills, it’s not your super-sensitive listening skills, it’s not the fact that you put the toilet seat down or the fact that you sit in an office cubicle 9 hours a day.

Chicks dig muscles. The amount of muscle varies from woman to woman. Not every woman is attracted to an Arnold Schwarzenegger amount of muscle, but putting on muscle is going to mean more attraction from your wife (and other women, but that’s a whole different ballgame).

When guys start coaching, they’re surprised that that’s one of the first areas of focus. Having more muscle boosts a guy’s confidence, it makes him look better in his clothes, it increases his T levels and  it makes him feel more manly.

Muscles matter.

Ignore what she says and get to the gym. That is all.