Boyz to Men

My husband and I have 4 strapping boys and 1 teeny-tiny little girl. Our kids range all the way from elementary school to college-aged.

Life with boys is …. messy. They’re loud and sometimes they’re smelly. And oh my gosh, the piles of dirty gym shorts! The 3 oldest work out frequently, and there are always work-out clothes in different stages of getting cleaned.

Before I was a mom, I always thought I wanted girls. I’m a fairly girly-girl type and I always imagined having girls just like me.

But then the boyz …. they started arriving and just. wouldn’t. stop.

And I am so glad. Because raising these boys is one of the most enjoyable parts of my life. I love watching how their minds work, I love seeing them grow and change into men, I love getting their perspective which is frequently so different than mine.

They aren’t shy about telling me what they think and are a constant source of interest and amusement to me.

Recent conversations at our house ………


Elementary age son (normally the Peace Keeper):  “Mom … John and Tyler were trying to take my gun away from me. I told Tyler to leave it alone, but John kept snatching it. Usually I would just let him have it, but I got mad and grabbed it back. Then I told him, “Dude, this is MINE. If you want a gun, go get your own, but leave my stuff alone.”

Ah. That’s my boy.

Me:  “Don’t ever let someone take what’s rightfully yours, son.”

High School Son:  Mom, why do girls bleach their bums?

Me:  What? <googling furiously>

High School Son:   At lunch today, some girls were talking about how they bleach their bums to look better. Girls are so weird. Why do they have to tell me stuff like that?

College Son: “Man, I’m going to fail Psychology if Alicia keeps dressing the way she does.  The warmer it gets, the less she wears.

Me:  LOL

College Son:  “Poor Mike. He says he likes dating Ashley, but now that they’re officially an item, he has to do all sorts of stupid shit.

Me:  “Like what?”

College Son:  “Oh, like the other day, her feelings were hurt about some other girls talking bad about her and she was all crying and upset and Mike had to sit there and talk to her about it and act all concerned and caring. He said it was a real drag.”

Me:  lol  “I am so glad I didn’t know what guys were really like when I was in high school.”

Boys. What a hoot.