Attract Your Wife  – Weekend Tip #1: Do Something Active with Her

1st in a series … Things You Can Do This Weekend to Attract Your Wife

Leadership. It’s a misunderstood concept. You don’t have to beat your chest and dictate to people in order to lead. At its best, leadership involves pulling, not pushing. You pull people toward you when you exude positive energy. They gravitate in your direction when you’re confident, positive, creative, and fun. You don’t even have to try to pull them in, it’s a natural consequence of your own energy.

Build Attraction in Your Marriage by Leading

Build attraction … one brick at a time.

When you show leadership, people want to spend time with you, including your wife. When you pull your wife into your orbit, her attraction naturally grows. Include her in the activities you love, the things that bring you positive energy and flow. As you do that, you will gradually build attraction.

Start with Small Leadership Steps

You don’t need to be a born leader in order to increase leadership in your marriage. It simply takes practice. Start small and build leadership incrementally. You don’t have to tackle every area of your marriage all at once. With each minor act of leadership, attraction grows.

The Japanese have a term for this type of change, kaizen. Kaizen is the Japanese term for achieving sustained success through small, steady steps. You simply stack brick on top of brick. As you bump up your leadership, your wife’s response may be subtle at first, barely noticeable, but if you are consistent, you will see results.

Invite Her to Do Something Active with You

This weekend, invite your wife to do something active with you. This is an ideal starting place for you to show leadership for several reasons:

  • Men who are active are more attractive.
  • New activities trigger dopamine production. Dopamine is the reward neurotransmitter that increases attraction.
  • Moving around simply makes us feel better, as well as burning calories and building fitness.

Find an Activity that Works for the Two of You

You can pick from countless activities. A lot will depend on your respective levels of fitness. Pick something that will challenge, but not exhaust. Anything that provides dopamine and gets you moving. Board games and video games aren’t great choices because they don’t require physical movement, but a ton of other options exists.

Some things other couples are doing:

  • Badminton
  • Bean bags
  • Ice skating
  • Rock climbing
  • Hiking
  • Rappelling
  • Shooting hoops
  • Water parks and rollercoasters

Start Building this Weekend

So, lay your first ‘attraction brick’ this weekend by inviting her along to have some fun. Get the process started. Nothing too earth-shattering, but next weekend, you can build on top of this weekend’s progress. If you will consistently put into action these weekend tips over the next few months, I can guarantee you’ll have a better marriage by the time you’re done.