Why You Should Never Thank Her for Sex

Here’s why you should never thank her for sex …

Thanking her for sex instantly lowers her attraction.

When you finally have sex after going without for a long time, it can feel overwhelmingly pleasurable, and your brain floods with endorphins.

Your first instinct may be to tell her ‘Thank you’.

Don’t do it!

Here’s why you should never thank her for sex

She’s not a goddess and you aren’t meant to worship at her feet

She is not a goddess, and you are not the desperate supplicant worshipping at her feet.

Female attraction can only be maintained when she looks up to you and respects you.

When you put her on a pedestal, she has no choice but to look down on you.

Thanking her indicates she’s done you a favor. And it may feel that way to you.

But you want her to have sex with you because she’s wildly attracted to you, not because she takes pity on your poor masculine needs.

You Are the Prize

Here’s why you should never thank her for sex

Stop thanking her … you are the prize!

Here’s your mindset … you are the prize! You’re a masculine man with a sex drive and equipment that still functions. That puts you ahead of 70% of the rest of the men out there. Remember that!

You are willing to expend valuable resources on her … your time, your attention, and your emotional energy. That makes you valuable!

But because you don’t act like the prize, she loses attraction and sees you as lesser.

Someone she can take for granted with impunity.

When you thank her for sex, she no longer sees you for the prize you are. And that kills attraction.

Compliment, Instead

You don’t necessarily need to say anything after sex, but if you feel the need, then make a simple statement, “That was incredible!” or compliment her, “You are incredibly sexy!”

But remember, leave the gratitude for when she actually does you a favor, not when you’re doing her one. ; )

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