Review – Does Zestra Really Increase Female Arousal?

Zestra, marketed as increasing female sexual satisfaction and sensation. Does it really work?

One request I frequently get from women is for products that will increase their libido and/or arousal. A lot of women struggle with arousal or orgasm, and start feeling pretty desperate about it.

What is Zestra?

QualiLife Pharmaceuticals makes a product called Zestra which is designed to increase sexual satisfaction.  You apply Zestra gel topically to the genital area, and within a few minutes it kicks in “… heightening your sensitivity to touch – for deep, pleasurable sensations, sexual satisfaction and fulfillment…”

Or, at least, so the ads claim. But does it really?

In the interest of science, my husband and I gave it a go. And sure enough, within a few minutes of applying, I did feel a tingling, warm sensation, which lasted for a while. I’m not sure exactly how long … maybe 20 minutes or so.

So, Did It Work?

Well, yes. But underwhelmingly so. Yeah, there was warmth and tingling, but did it make orgasm quicker or better? Not really. Not noticeably so, at least.

What the Heck is that Smell?

Sensations might have been slightly intensified, but holy hell! The Smell! Oh, the smell. It was this weird mixture of a sickly sweet fruity smell, but with bitter undertones. It completely ruined it for me. The smell was like an unwanted third person in bed with us; I just couldn’t get my mind off it.

And it lingered. On my skin, on my husband’s skin, on the sheets, on my lingerie. I had to wash everything the next day. And the smell actually still lingered through two washings.

How Does it Feel for the Guy?

My husband didn’t really notice anything different; it didn’t make sensation more pleasurable for him. It did, however, have a horrible taste, completely putting any oral sex off the table … or the bed, as the case may be.

Is It Worth It?

At $3.84 per tiny .027 fl. oz individual packets, it’s fairly pricey. There’s also a 0.4 fl oz multi-use bottle for $49.99, which works out to roughly $125 per ounce. At that price, and with that smell, I won’t be running to buy it anytime soon.

KY Intense is a similar product with the same tingling effect, but it has a peppermint smell. At $147 per fl oz, it’s no cheaper, but at least you won’t have to run to the laundry room afterwards.