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Low T Wife Meets High T Marriage

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Low T Wife … Meet High T Marriage

The most important thing I’ve learned while coaching people who are struggling in low T marriages is how important it is for them to have hope that their situation can change.

When my husband and I were in the depths of the low T years, neither of us could picture it getting better. It just seemed like an endless litany of anger, pain, rejection and resentment. We both felt hopeless and were simply trying to endure.

I wish I had known then that things could and would get better. That as a result of working together to resolve the low testosterone, our marriage was going to end up stronger, healthier and more intimate than it had ever been before.

At one time, ‘Low T Wife’ seemed like an appropriate title for this blog, but in recent months, it’s come to feel … depressing … to me. Oppressive in some ways.

I don’t want the name of my blog to reflect the past, I want it to reflect the future we’re all aiming for … a High T Marriage. I want it to be a place people come to find not only information, but also hope and encouragement as they make their way out of the low T fog.

Soooo …..

I will no longer be posting at Low T Wife. I’ve redirected the content here to High T Marriage and will be writing here exclusively. I’ve updated the look and put in new content. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Low T Wife … meet High T Marriage. 

I think you’re really going to like your new digs.