Get Your Wife to Orgasm – Try This to Make It Easier

How to get your wife to orgasm – 615 million search results show it’s a burning question for a lot of men.

how to get your wife to orgasm

More Satisfaction when Wife Orgasms

Guys get a bad rap for being selfish in bed, but it turns out the vast majority of men really want to help their wife hit that O.

Men say they feel more masculine and experience higher sexual esteem when presented with scenarios where the woman reaches her orgasm while having sex.

That doesn’t come as a huge surprise to most of us. Knowing your wife is into you and having her experience that ultimate sexual response because of you is extremely satisfying.

In a previous article, I covered the difference in clitoral vs. vaginal orgasms, and how to get her there.

Today, I want to give you another quick tip to help you get your wife to orgasm.

Temperature Makes the Difference

How to Get Your Wife to Orgasm – Women Like it Hot

Women tend to feel safer and more relaxed when they’re warmer, which makes them more likely to orgasm. One small study suggested that a woman is 30% more likely to orgasm if her feet are warm.

Men Like it Cold

The problem is that men need cooler conditions for peak sexual performance. Energy and even erections can diminish when a guy is too warm.

So a man’s sexual performance tends to suffer in a too-warm bedroom, especially if he’s the more active top partner.

The Solution

The solution is for you to keep ambient temperatures cool so you can be comfortable but get her warmed up ahead of time. This can be a warm shower or bath that heats her core.

Or …

Here’s a surprising one … you can try putting socks on her feet.

Turns out our feet have glaborous skin – skin that basically acts as cool mitts – letting heat pass from the body. Preventing that heat exchange by using socks keeps her core body temperature higher, allowing her to orgasm more easily.

(If you’re a research geek like me, check out Dr. Andrew Huberman’s video below. Fascinating work on glaborous skin and cooling, which happens to have great potential for improving athletic performance.)

She Doesn’t Experience Temperature the Way You Do – Neither do Mice!

You’ve probably noticed that women tend to run colder than men and indeed, research consistently shows that women prefer warmer temperatures. (Women generally have less muscle to generate heat than men do, and a lower metabolic rate which limits heat production.)

So do mice, as it happens.

An interesting aside …

Scientists have recently realized they’ve been inadvertently stressing out their lab mice by keeping the thermostat too cold.

Most labs keep their habitats at 68-78 degrees Fahrenheit, good for humans, but not so much for mice; they need to be somewhere around 86-88 degrees to be comfortable.

The chronic cold stress means the mice must expend more energy to stay warm, and may even have implications for cancer, inflammation, and tumor growth.

Probably doesn’t bode well for little mouse orgasms, either!

If your bedroom is a deep-freeze at night, you’re doing the same thing to your wife. You’ve got to warm that baby up!

Be the Fire Starter

So, get those fires burning.

Run the bath (warm enough to boil lobsters), toss in some bath salts, and have a towel ready for her.

Let her soak while you go walk the dog.

(Incidentally, she’s a lot more likely to engage in anything oral if she’s freshly washed. It’s a girl thing!)

Bonus points for laying out the lingerie you want her to wear.

how to get your wife to orgasm

Keep the room cool & her body warm.

Or, buy some sexy knee socks and put them on her. Slow and sensual. It can actually be part of foreplay.


Clothes off, socks on.

Do both of you a favor. Keep the room cool and her body warm.

And let the orgasms flow!