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When you’ve done everything you know to do…and it’s still not enough.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a down-to-earth approach to helping you turn your marriage, health, and sex life back around.

Most marriages flounder so gradually that it’s hard to point to the source problem. But there are always specific reasons that attraction fades, even though they’re not intuitive at first.

Coaching identifies the reasons your marriage is struggling and helps you apply proven, science-based solutions to turn it around.

Why the 3-Peak Marriage Method Works When so Many Other Systems Fail

There are three separate systems at play when it comes to romantic love …

  • Attraction system  – powered by dopamine
  • Relationship Comfort system  – powered by oxytocin
  • General Hormone system  – powered by testosterone and estrogen

Most people focus on only one of these systems, not realizing they need to strengthen all three systems to get their best marriage.

Most traditional marriage coaching models fail at increasing attraction because they’re geared toward the Relationship Comfort System instead of the Attraction System.

You can knock yourself out building Comfort in your marriage with date nights and long walks on the beach… and you may feel more warm and fuzzy, but it does nothing to increase attraction.

The problem right now is you’re swimming in oxytocin, but there’s a deficit of dopamine. That’s what’s blocking attraction.
I developed the 3-Peak Marriage Method to harness the science behind building Attraction, not just comfort.

It’s amazing how quickly your marriage improves once you address all three systems. I’ve used this system to help more than 230 individuals and couples get the marriage they always wanted.


How does coaching work?

My coaching is simple and straight-forward … no touchy-feely, woo-woo stuff. We’re not going to talk about your self-esteem or what happened in your childhood or do a lot of navel-gazing.

Instead, we’ll analyze what’s going on in your marriage and where the blockages are. Then, I’ll apply the science behind attraction to come up with clear, actionable steps you can take to get the marriage and sex life you’re missing.

Coaching Package Options

The Introductory 1-Hour Attraction Assessment


The introductory one-hour Attraction Assessment is great for analyzing your situation and coming up with an initial action plan of steps you can take right now. At the end of the call, you know exactly what you need to do next.

The call will focus on the day-to-day interactions that are blocking attraction in your marriage--interactions you’re not even aware are happening.

Here’s what we look at during the Attraction Assessment:

  • What really drives female sexuality
  • Medical and hormonal problems that may be blocking her sexual response
  • Responsive desire and how to trigger it
  • Why she never initiates
  • Why doing the dishes doesn’t get you more sex
  • How to keep your kids from blocking your sex life
  • How to get more respect from your wife
  • Why she runs so hot and cold
  • How to discern whether she’s red, yellow, or green for sex, and what to do in each scenario
  • What her favorite sexual flavor is
  • What brand of attractiveness she responds to
  • How to bring out your wife's bad girl

You will finish this call with your eyes wide open about what’s impacting attraction in your marriage.

When you’re just looking for insight into your situation, the Attraction Assessment is all you need. You’re not going to be locked into something you don’t want to do, and there's no pressure to do more calls.

Roughly 20% of my coaching clients do a single call, while about 80% go on to the 12-Week Peak Program.


*Special introductory rate for first call; subsequent One-Hour calls are $209 per call.  Book My Attraction Assessment

The 12-Week Peak Program


Radically (and permanently) fire up the attraction in your marriage


The 12-Week Peak Program gives us the time to come up with a deeper plan of action. We’ll start with an in-depth whole-life questionnaire, identify where your blockages are, and determine what you need to adjust to make the best progress.

The program includes 12 weekly calls with me to hold you accountable to your actions and allow us to adjust the plan in response to your progress.

The 12-Week Peak program is tightly focused. We start with the areas that are impacting attraction the most and work our way down the list. Each week, you’ll have specific action items tailored to where you are at that point.

If you started with a one-hour Attraction Assessment, you can apply the $149 to the 12-Week Peak program. Many clients say this is the best money they’ve spent their whole life.

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What My Clients Have To Say...
– R.L.C., Midwest
I’ve had a One Hour Call with Rebecca about low Testosterone. She has been extremely helpful to me, and she knows her subject matter extremely well. If anyone needs assistance with low Testosterone issues, she is definitely THE freaking Subject Matter Expert. I would highly recommend her to anyone. If you need help or information beyond what her excellent book discusses, I would strongly suggest that you do a call with her. Her knowledge makes her worth 50 times the amount that a call would cost.

Thank you again, Rebecca!!

— T.R., Baltimore area
After my 12-week coaching session with Rebecca, things for my wife and I are continuing to slowly get better.

I’m not afraid to address conflict with her anymore, and she is responding great to my increased leadership.

I am adding some dirty talk in to the bedroom now and I can tell she likes that as well. Overall things continue to get better.

When I first started with Rebecca, I was close to feeling overwhelmed with these unmet desires and dreams for my marriage that I was close to giving up on.

Now, I don’t feel that way. I feel like I am finally giving myself permission to just go for it , to go for what I want in this relationship, and check the fear at the door.

Thanks again, Rebecca !!!

— T.L., Ohio
When I started my coaching with Rebecca, my stated goal was to get my wife to have sex with me everyday.

Immediately in my coaching with Rebecca, I was able to see obvious flaws in my relationship with my wife that killed her attraction for me.

When Rebecca got me to look at my life as an outsider my world changed. Within a month, I felt like my wife was attracted again, simply by changing some of my habits and daily interactions.

I could not wait for my weekly coaching call with Rebecca. She made me realize that even though I thought I was the leader in my relationship, I wasn’t even close.

But the great part is that my wife wants me to be the leader. She hasn’t told me this. It is obvious. When I am not the leader, she is irritated and pissed……. Not attracted!

Part of my problem was alcohol and part was being afraid of making my wife mad. Once I got those under control, things became much more manageable.

I feel so much better about where my wife and I are headed. Although I am not yet having sex everyday with my wife, it is definitely a reasonable goal.

Thank you so much, Rebecca.

– C.A., Upper midwest
When I first met Rebecca my marriage was in crisis. I had divorce papers in my hand ready to give to my husband. Within an hour she single handedly saved my marriage by giving me HOPE that things could get better, and a clear path towards getting there.

Yesterday and today I am feeling 20 years younger, have rediscovered my former energy, am sleeping half as much as I previously needed to, and OMG. I had no idea how much of a brain fog I was in until it cleared yesterday. I have regained my vitality, can feel my inner caveman again, and this is only 2 weeks in. Most of the benefits won’t even be occurring for months yet!!

Whatever other issues I have or had, low Testosterone was definitely one of them. And if it hadn’t have been for Rebecca’s help, I doubt I ever would have thought to check it. I know the doctors wouldn’t have.

– V. I., New England
I have never been more grateful for feeling confident that this is best for him, and the information on therapy types, symptoms and health issues, etc., that can result from low T.

Coaching for me has already been invaluable, so thanks, Rebecca !!!!

– E.K., Indy
I am very pleased with the results I have had making changes this past year and I owe it to coaching for sure!

Without Rebecca pushing me to create positive energy for myself and helping me recognize the things I was not seeing in my relationship, I would be struggling right now.

My marriage isn’t out of the woods, yet, but it all feels so much more manageable, and I know exactly what my next steps should be.

– X.C., San Francisco
My wife had her first orgasm in 3 years!!!

This was the best money I’ve ever spent. I can’t thank you enough, Rebecca!

– S.M., Massachusetts
The highlight of the week though was talking to Rebecca.

I knew I’d get a lot out of the call, but I had no idea how much I’d get out of it. Still wrapping my brain around all of it.

I’ve gone to a couple of therapists in my life, but Rebecca has already blown all of them out of the water, not just through insights, but how clearly she “gets it” where it = me.

To the point where I had that panicky feeling once or twice of “oh @#%, she’s right” –when you know you can’t hide by taking a more comfortable path.

– F.F., Upstate New York

When I first met Rebecca my marriage was in crisis. I had divorce papers in my hand ready to give to my husband. Within an hour she single handedly saved my marriage by giving me HOPE that things could get better, and a clear path towards getting there.

I can remember a time where I would have been happy just to have a husband that got out of bed at a decent hour. A year later he’s planning dates, dressing better, fixing stuff around the house, and being a rock-star dad.

That is what Rebecca’s help can bring to your life. Stop wondering where your marriage went off the rails, and crying in the bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions
How are calls done?

I use Zoom for video calls. I’ll send you a Zoom link once you’ve scheduled your appointment on the online calendar.

What about confidentiality?

Your information is completely confidential. There is a signed confidentiality agreement that must be completed before coaching can take place. Your name, e-mail, or anything you talk about with me will never be given out or shared.

How do I pay?

I invoice via PayPal or Venmo. I never see your credit card information. The invoice comes through as ‘Rebecca Watson – Health & Wellness’.

When are calls done? Do I have to be in the US?

I’m in the same time zone as New York, and calls can start anytime Monday-Friday, from 10am to 5pm EST.

I’ve coached people from all over the globe, and can accommodate most time zones.

Do you coach couples? Can we both be on the call?

Yes, I coach both individually and as a couple, depending on your situation.

If I do the 12-Week Peak program and like it, do I have to stop after 12 weeks?

I’ve found the 12-week program is ideal for most situations. It attracts strongly-motivated individuals, which is hugely important to a successful outcome.

That being said, if there’s more you want to accomplish through coaching, it’s easy to continue on for as many 12-Week sessions as are effective. About 45% of my clients continue on with coaching in order to focus on other areas of their life, such as their health.

I have a few questions you haven’t answered. Can I contact you?

Sure, you can get in touch with me via my Contact Form, or by sending me an email at rebeccawatson.serenity@gmail.com.

I try to respond within 24 hours and am glad to answer questions either about your general situation or about coaching.

Have no worries that I will try to push you into coaching if you’re not interested or ready. Coaching works best when you are highly motivated to change your life and that makes it more fun for both of us!

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