Attract Your Wife – Weekend Warrior Tip #6: Have a Plan

6th in a series … Things You Can Do This Weekend to Attract Your Wife

Tomorrow morning, the same conversation will take place in millions of bedrooms across suburbia.

“What are our plans for the weekend, husband?”

Deceptively simply, but depending on the answer, attraction either soars… or sinks.

The Absolute Wrong Answer

In those same bedrooms, the vast majority of men will answer something like, “I dunno, hon, what do you want to do?”Image result for family fortunes wrong answer gif

Beep. Bzzzzzzz. Wah, wah, wah, wahhhhhhh! Wrong answer.

Why? I mean, that’s what nice guys do, defer to their wife, right? Yep, they do. And that’s why millions of nice guys’ bedrooms become a wasteland of FaceBook and Candy Crush.

What’s the problem with leaving your options open? Isn’t spontaneity supposed to be lively and fun?

Spontaneity … yes. Wishy-washy… no.

The problem is women aren’t attracted to indecisive ‘nice’ guys. They’re attracted to strong men who know where they’re going and make decisions accordingly. When you express firm, clear opinions, she’s drawn to you.

Overcome Inertia

Leadership takes energy, but reaps benefits.

Okay, I get it; sometimes by Friday evening, you’re just ready for a break. You’ve been making decisions at work all week long, and you want to go brain-dead for the weekend. It’s tempting to let it all slide. However, understand that everything has an opportunity cost. In this case, you’re giving up the opportunity to shore up attraction in your marriage.

Try This Instead

Tonight, before you go to bed, sketch out a brief outline of your major goals for the weekend … whether that’s navigating the kids to various games, taking your family on a hike, or cleaning the garage.

Determine a rough schedule and who needs to be where, when. Then, when your wife asks about the weekend plans on Saturday morning, you let her know your priorities and invite her input.

Women are attracted to strong leaders.

Go a step further even, and jump in and introduce your plans before she can ask. Watch her face while you do it. My guess is you’ll see first surprise, and then appreciation, maybe even some relief. Have a plan consistently and attraction gradually rises.

Go ahead and try it. You’re going to feel so damned good about yourself. Making decisions and being in control of your world is exhilarating!

This weekend … simple choice. Two ways to answer the same question. One creates attraction, one tears it down. Tomorrow morning, in your bedroom, what’s it going to be?